Ever since its foundation in 1995, “CESCO” has been supporting the safe and smooth delivery of LNG & LPG at ultra low temperatures, generating combustible gas, at the loading and unloading terminal on site. We also provide a custom clearance support service.

Witnessing loading operation business

As a LNG buyer’s representative, we witness the loading operation of LNG produced at the LNG terminal in West Australia and Sakhalin etc..on behalf of the LNG buyers.

The main business items
・Witnessing LNG carrier’s berthing operation
・Final confirmation of the loading procedure at the Pre-Loading meeting.
・Calculation and verification of CTMS at before and after loading
・Witnessing LNG sampling and cylinder filling operation
・Verification of LNG specification (composition etc.)
・Observation of LNG analysis procedure at the laboratory and confirmation of official loaded volume
・Signing and receiving the loading documents

In addition to the above, we support the safe LNG loading operation by prompt and accurate report of the latest state of the operation and incidents occurred during the operation to the LNG buyers.


Witnessing unloading operation business

As a Buyer’s Representative,we observe and support unloading operation at each unloading terminal in Japan while the LNG liquid discharged from LNG vessel to the shore tanks.

The main business items
・Witnessing LNG carrier’s berthing operation
・Witnessing unloading arms connecting and disconnecting operation
・A moderator for Pre-Unloading meeting
・Confirmation of CTMS at before loading and after loading
・other all-around Ship-Shore communication support

Commercial & Technical support service

Depending on the request from LNG buyers, we provide the high level of delivery support service based on our abundant experience both commercially and technically

Commercially: coordinating ADP meeting, interpretation, translation, contracting support, overseas business trip attendance

Technically: confirmation of Ship Shore Compatibility including coordinating Ship Shore Meeting, maintenance of Standard Guidelines for cargo handling, supporting Ship-Shore technical exchanges


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